Miniature Awlsnail

Miniature Awlsnail Subulina octona

The Miniature Awlsnail or Thumbnail Awlsnail is in Germany called Brasilian Trumpet Snail. It belongs to the Achatinidae family, but does not get as big as its African relatives, for example the Giant African Snail (Achatina achatina).

Its shell reaches a maximum length of two centimeters, and it can live up to 4 years.

Miniature Awlsnail

Subulina octona is native to tropical America and can be found as an introduced species in other regions. Its spread is said to have been through ornamental plants. Thus, it reached Europe and was able to survive there in greenhouses (source).

Subulina octona

The Miniature Awlsnail in the terrarium.

Due to its small size, Subulina octona is also suitable for small terrariums. It is diurnal and feels quite comfortable at temperatures between 22 and 30 °C. However, it gets along with tempered hibernation at 17 to 20 °C. But then it is not seen as often as during the warm summer weeks.

Suitable substrate is forest soil or terrarium substrate, which can also be used for isopods.

Miniature Awlsnails in an terrarium

The soil should be slightly moist, but it does not harm if it dries out occasionally for a short time.

The Miniature Awlsnail can be fed with blanched leafy vegetables, but it also likes to eat fish food flakes or the remains of edible mushrooms.

Thumbnail Awlsnail