Byturus ochraceus

Wood Avens Beetle Byturus ochraceus

Byturus ochraceus lays its eggs on Geum urbanum (Wood Avens, Herb Bennet). The larvae feed on this member of the rose family (Rosaceae). For this reason, it is known here in Germany as the Wood Avens Beetle (Nelkenwurzkäfer).

Byturus ochraceus

The adult beetles feed on pollen and nectar and are often found in the flowers of buttercups and other yellow flowering plants.

Byturus ochraceus lives in meadows, parks, gardens and on dams.

Wood Avens Beetle

The beetles are up to 4.5 millimetres long.

They can be seen from April to July. The larvae pupate in autumn and overwinter as chrysalises.

The beetles feed on nectar and pollen, the larvae on the plant tissue of Wood Avens (Geum urbanum).

Byturus ochraceus on Buttercup
Byturus ochraceus on Ranunculus bulbosus (Bulbous Buttercup).
Byturus ochraceus mating
Byturus ochraceus mating (in a dandelion flower).